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I lived in California for over 40 years and I' ve been married to my husband Justin for over 25 years. We have three beautiful kids, two sons Joshua (22), Sean (20), who are in college and after over 22 years of marriage, we were blessed with our daughter Imonni (7). Recently, my son Joshua tied the knot with Camillia (22). I can 't wait for grandkids however since they both are in college. I' ve been informed not to expect any in the near future.


When I was a teenager, I experienced hard life lessons that will always live with me. I’m 1991 my eldest brothers passed due to a motorcycle accident, in 2003 I lost my mother and in 2011 be rock, my hero, my father passed. Unfortunately, my family did not have life insurance. 

I was heartbroken watching my father who was a disabled Vietnam Vet, struggle to pay for both my mother and brother's burial cost. The year's later when my father passed away, I didn't have the funds to cover his final expenses or save our family home. This is why preparing families for end of life expenses is important for me, I know what kind of toll it can take and what needs to be done.


After healing from the loss of my dad. I decided to dedicate my life to helping families prepare for their future so that they can alleviate their family from the turmoil and grief I experienced.

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