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California Lic# 4035142

National Producer# 19439148

Licensed in CA, MI, WV, VA, NC, SC, OH

I'm a licensed Life Insurance agent available to assist families & seniors in 7 States: CA, MI, WV, VA, NC, SC, OH NP#19439148.
If you need help planning your Final Burial Expense or Mortgage Protection. I would value the opportunity to assist them
I'm available Mon-Friday 10 am - 5 pm P.S.T
Or call me directly at (714) 485 - 9507

 All of our clients are on a fixed income, so these programs are tailored to YOUR needs!

 Living Benefits – If the doctor deems you terminally ill, you can get advanced the benefit before you pass! This is great because you can decide how every dollar is spent. And if you end up not passing, you just have to keep making your monthly payment.

 Cash Value -  Over the life of the policy, the cash value will increase so that if you’re ever in a jam for cash, you can borrow against the policy’s death benefit and then slowly pay it back over time, or let the loan come out of the death benefit.

o   This is a whole life policy, meaning that your rate will never increase due to age or health and the company can NEVER cancel your coverage. Some companies raise rates every 5 years or cancel coverage by age 85, so it's important to know that you will have this when your family needs it most, no matter what!


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